One of our mottos is “inclusiveness”.

The Travel industry has traditionally operated on a multi-layer distribution structure. While hotel bed bookings are pretty much taken over by specialised OTAs, the amazing growth of the vacation rental market - through digitalisation and consolidation of existing inventory at incumbent OTAs - has also progressed in a way that pushed out professional Travel Advisors from the equation. This trend has been more pronounced in mid-market in urban sector, while travel advisors in their respective markets maintained 15-60% market share in high-end holiday bookings.

We set out to create a platform that provides Travel Advisors with access to (luxury) vacation rental properties globally and enables them to book in secure and efficient manner for their clients - while claiming reseller margins set by Property Managers for each property. Such margins range from 5%-40%. Our itinerary builder tool also provides access to additional services, e.g. transportation, experiences and excursions.

In order to access and trade on our platform, Travel Agents are required to register and qualify as professional resellers.

Onee is committed to “well-advised” travel promoting further engagement of Travel advisors in holiday bookings. Accordingly, we categorically don’t allow guests to book directly on our platform and direct them to a choice of professional travel advisors that are present at their respective locations.


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