Who Are Onee?

Established in 2018 in Switzerland, Onee is a unique platform that facilitates active distribution of vacation rental properties through a global list of travel advisors. Onee provides unique management tools to Property Managers to increase occupancy, monitor property portfolio performance, smart content management and many more features. One of the key functionalities is the ability to set reseller or distribution margins to actively manage and promote bookings.

What Makes Us Different?

Compared to incumbents, the main differentiation of Onee comes primarily from its commitment to “well-advised travel” and Travel Advisors globally. Onee promotes increased engagement of Travel Advisors to (high-end) bookings in vacation rental and provides a unique access to professionally managed private properties.

Accordingly, Travel Advisors have access to a global list of professionally managed (luxury) vacation rental properties and get reseller margins set by the Property Managers for each property, through their bookings at Onee. Travel advisors are provided with tools that increases efficiency in search, booking, communication, experience and excursion engagements at our platform.

How to Work with Us

It’s crucial that Property Managers and Travel Agents register and log in with their profiles. Our RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) based raking model qualifies travel advisors in ranking order and high-performance resellers are given a status that enables them to see an exclusive list of “off-market” properties -that are only listed on Onee.

Our Vision

Onee aspires to be the main marketplace for well-advised travel bookings on its primarily B2B platform between inventory holders of properties, experiences and other travel assets and Travel Advisors, i.e. resellers and distributers globally.


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